36 thousand jobs in the field of elderly care


According to government data, there are 15,000 vacant specialized positions in the field of elderly care, in addition to 8,500 assistant positions. In the nursing sector, there are 11,000 specialized vacancies in addition to 1500 unoccupied assistant positions. The government relied on these statistics on the data of the Federal Labor Agency.

And this “catastrophe” takes a special dimension when compared to the number of applicants for these jobs. On average, only 21 qualified people apply for every 100 careers jobs, which are offered at the federal level (all states), and in the field of nursing this number rises to 41 applicants per 100 Job.

For its part, the health expert in the Green Party, Cordula Schultz-Akse, confirmed to the newspaper “Berlinet Zeitung” that the job market in the field of care is “empty of his thrones”, and instead of the government setting a comprehensive plan to confront this situation, it still adheres to what was stated in The agreement to form a government coalition, which adds 8,000 vacancies to this sector, according to the expert, who described this as a “bad joke” given the apparent shortage of qualified workers.

The government admits that there are tens of thousands of vacancies in the fields of elderly and health care, due to a lack of qualified workers. What are the reasons for this great deficiency and how will the government deal with it?The government said that there are about 36,000 care jobs that are still vacant and that they are unable to fill them due to a lack of qualified workers. This came in response to a query raised by the parliamentary bloc of the opposition Green Party and reported by “Berliner Zeitung” in its issue, which will be issued tomorrow, Wednesday.

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